The Procession
Line Up
The Funeral for The 3rd Crew of the CSS H. L. Hunley
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Shortly after 10:00 a.m. most people were in their places in the procession. The Memorial Service was in full swing by this time.
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The horse drawn caissons were about to come through the rear of the procession.

I found the Georgia Division position
and exchanged pleasantries with several friends from nearby camps.

Commander David Moncus was there along with Tim Lively of the Waynesboro, John C. Carter
Camp along others. Near the front of the troops I passed my old Statesboro ally, Bill Waller.

At right are the ladies in their mourning
dresses. What an impressive sight
that was!

During the last minutes before the caissons came, I decided to make one more walk back to the podium area. That meant a pretty long walk back inthe other direction.

By the time I got there, the crowd was really thick abd I realized it was too late to try to make it back to my position. The caissons were already on the way.

I'd have to join the Georgia boys as they came by later.

The crowd along the sidewalks were very thick and it was really difficult to get into position for any kind of a
picture. But some nice people saw my intentionsand made way for me at the last minute.

The arrival of the caissons and the rider-less horse was a
dramatic moment. Before departing on the procession, the horses and caissons were taken around the square and through the procession participants.

Because of the length of the procession
only those in the front mile of the procession were able to see this.

People stopped everything they were doing to come line the boardwalk as they passed.

There was very little
talking except in
soft whispers.

You could hear the horses
hooves going clip-clop on the road and
an occasional whinny but that was about all. It was an amazing thing.