The Dispatch

The Official Publication of the Dixie Guards

Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp # 1942

Volume 1, 4th Edition

August 2001







The Dixie Guards

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Camp # 1942

819 North Lewis St.

Metter, Georgia 30430





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Commander’s Comments


By the time you get this newsletter, we will be well underway with our first fundraising effort. Probably like everyone else, I’m on pins and needles thinking about it. I’m not concerned about your efforts or the fact that you gentlemen can get the job done or not. I just hope that I didn’t forget anything and that things will go well…things like that. I know that its nowhere near what our Confederate leaders went through on the battlefield or in Richmond, but I understand the anxious feelings that they must have had. Theirs were just on a more severe level. To lead men into battle must have been an awing experience. The one thing that I do think that I can relate to that our ancestor leaders must have felt…a special appreciative pride to be involved in such an important undertaking with such great men.

I’m not attempting to flatter you gentlemen. You are truly great men! Look at yourselves. You are descendants of the greatest army that ever existed. How else can you act but the way that you do? Our camp is successful and will continue to be successful…. Because of you.

General Lee and his commanders must have had a sincere gratitude to have been able to lead such noble men. Any SCV commander would and should have the same pride in being in a camp with members like ours.

This fund-raiser and others to come will succeed. I don’t know to what level, but they will succeed. Why? Because with you gentlemen, our camp and nothing we undertake will fail. Our upcoming Charter Banquet will not only be a great success, but also will be the talk of the town.

I want to take this opportunity to offer a special thank you in advance (I’m writing this prior to the BBQ) to Jason West for heading up the Chicken BBQ. I also want to thank everyone for doing their part to sell the tickets and help to prepare the plates. Please pass along to your wives or sweethearts a special thank you for the cakes.

On another note, we have outgrown the Library. That is our first milestone and you helped make it happen in just a few short months. We will now start meeting at the Western Steer Steakhouse at 7PM for the meal (optional) and 7:30 PM for the meetings. Thanks goes out to Charlie Holland for securing the new meeting place for us.

Until then, thanks to all of you, don’t forget whoever sells the most BBQ plates gets a framed and matted print and whoever sells the 2nd most gets a battleflag from Commander Kea.

Deo Vindice,



New Members

These brothers came forward to preserve their ancestor’s memory at our last meeting…

Benjamin Howard Lesesne honoring Pvt Thomas Sumpter Lesesne of Co. I, 23rd SC Vol Inf

Wayne Bruce Lesesne, Jr. honoring Pvt Thomas Sumpter Lesesne of Co. I, 23rd SC Vol Inf

Chester Flynt honoring Pvt James Wesley Flynt of Co. E, 7th Ga Cavalry

Kenneth Lee Flynt honoring Pvt James Wesley Flynt of Co. E, 7th Ga Cavalry

James Marvin Franklin, Jr. honoring Pvt Remer Franklin of Co. D, 61st Ga Vol Inf

Benjamin R. Franklin, III honoring Pvt Remer Franklin of Co. D, 61st Ga Vol Inf

Dannie Jerome Cartee honoring Pvt William Cartee of Co. D, 61st GA

Adjutant’s Report

The Dixie Guards had its regular monthly meeting at the Candler Cty Library on July 5th at 7:30 PM with 33 members present and Commander Rooney Kea as guest. Chaplain Grady Franklin led the invocation followed by the pledge and salutes to our flags by Color Sgt Ben Franklin. 7 new member applications were taken and accepted by the camp. This brings our membership up to 43 members. The camp discussed and adopted Willow Lake Country Club as the site for our Charter Banquet and set the date for September 29th. It was agreed to try to get Sonny Dixon of WTOC in Savannah as our guest speaker. Commander Crooms plans to invite the are legislators that voted to save our state flag. Commander Kea expressed that if we invited Commander-in-Chief Deason, Army of Tennessee Commander Church and Division Commander Trapp, they’d probably make the trip to join us. Everyone agreed that they should get a special invitation.

Commander Crooms offered a suggestion of a chicken BBQ as our 1st fund-raiser to provide funding for our charter banquet. The camp decided to do the BBQ. Jason West took the lead on the project. 400 plate tickets were available with members signing up to sell blocks of tickets.

The camp decided to have a called meeting on Monday, July 23rd at the Library to finalize our plans and to turn in the money from the ticket sales. Commander Crooms promised a framed and matted print to the member who sold the most tickets. Commander Kea promised the member who sold the 2nd most tickets a battleflag. The camp saw a taped newscast from reporter Jason Miles who grew up in Metter regarding the Georgia Flag, its meaning and its change. The meeting was adjorned in benediction by Chaplain Franklin.

--- Camp Adjutant Tony Thompson


Upcoming Events

Monday, July 23 – Special Called Meeting @ the Candler Cty Library. 7:30 PM

Saturday, July 28 – Chicken BBQ fund-raiser

Thursday, August 2 – Regular Monthly Meeting @ Western Steer

Meal/Fellowship – 7:00 PM -- Meeting – 7:30 PM

Guest Speaker – Keith Blaxton of the Tattnall Invincibles

Program – General Nathan Bedford Forrest

Saturday, September 29 – Charter Banquet @ Willow Lake Country Club. 7:30 PM SpeakerSonny Dixon of WTOC-TV in Savannah (tentative)

Special Invitees – SCV Commander-in-Chief, Edwin Deason

SCV Army of Tenn Commander, George Church

SCV Georgia Division Commander, Allen Trapp, Jr.

Senator Hugh M. Gillis, Sr. of Soperton

Representative Craig W. Lanier of Metter

Representative Larry J. "Butch" Parrish of Swainsboro

Representative Bob Lane of Statesboro

Confederate Georgia Series

Major General Joseph Wheeler


Major General Joseph "Fightin’ Joe" Wheeler of Augusta, Georgia was the Cavalry commander of the Army of Tennessee. It was Major General Wheeler and his men that were left to defend and warn Georgia against US Major General William T. Sherman’s famous March to the Sea in 1864. Many of Wheeler’s 5th Georgia Cavalry troopers were from the Metter-Candler County area that was a part of Bulloch County in the 1860’s.

Just before Christmas in 1864, Wheeler and his 3500-cavalry troopers came upon Brigadier General Hugh J. Kilpatrick and his 10,000-15,000 cavalry and infantry troops in the Battle of Waynesboro. Wheeler and his men were all that stood between Kilpatrick and the vital Confederate City of Augusta with its famous Powder Works factory. Kilpatrick and his men had already begun to torch Waynesboro when Wheeler and his men discovered them and gave a full charge.

After heavy fighting, Kilpatrick and his men withdrew. Wheeler and his heavily outnumbered troops had spared Waynesboro and even extinguished the fires. Later, at the Battle of Buckhead Church, Wheeler’s men and Kilpatrick’s forces met again. Finally, Wheeler and his outnumbered troops were pushed back. Instead of pushing his advantage, Kilpatrick abandoned the field. Wheeler had saved Augusta.

In February of 1865, Wheeler and his cavalry would save Augusta a 2nd time in the Battle of Aiken in South Carolina. Once again, the heavily outnumbered troops engaged Kilpatrick and his men, as they attempted to access Augusta from neighboring South Carolina.

For more reading on "Fightin Joe" and his cavalry, read Cracker Cavaliers, The 2nd Georgia Cavalry under Wheeler and Forrest by John R. Poole.