The Dispatch

The Official Publication of the Dixie Guards Camp # 1942

Sons of Confederate Veterans



Volume 1, 6th Edition

September 2001






The Dixie Guards # 1942

Sons of Confederate Veterans

P.O.Box 761

Metter, Georgia 30439









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Commander’s Comments


            I just got the final figures from the BBQ.  Before I share the amounts, let me say Thank You to each and every member of our camp.  You really rose to the occasion.  To say that our 1st fundraising effort was a success would be an understatement.  Our net profit was $1185.52.  That was great!  Probably even more impressive than the money raised was the overall pitch-in effort of our brotherhood.  Throughout the day we had nearly 2/3 of our membership participating in some fashion or another.  We still owe the Young Farmers for 6 bags of charcoal and will get that to them as soon as possible, but $1100 is great.  When you see a Young Farmer member, thank them for the use of the facility.

            On August 1st, the renewal period for the SCV opened up.  You say renewals, I just started getting my magazine and you’re right.  Remember that we told everyone that it would take a little time for everything to start showing up and it did.  But, everyone that joined before August 1st has to renew.  Anyone that joins after August 1st is good through until after next year.  What does this mean to us as members and as a camp?  Our growth and recruitment has been nothing short of phenomenal.  We have been the talk of the state for some time now.  The talk is nice to hear, but it’s not the important thing.  The important thing is our ancestors and their honor.  We are the only protection left to guard against the continuing ridicule and insults thrown at our Southern forbears.  Our renewals enable our numbers to continue to grow.  We will always continue to recruit new members.  We won’t keep everyone that joins.  We don’t have a “draft system” so; our army depends upon “volunteers”.  In volunteer armies, re-enlistment is more important in many cases than the new raw recruit.  The veteran has been trained and knows his task.  The recruit must learn.  If we are to preserve our heritage and keep the memory of our ancestor heroes around, we must re-enlist when the time comes and also be great recruiters.  Our camp has shown that recruitment is no challenge.   When it comes to re-enlistment, will you be in line at roll call or will you be AWOL.  I can’t speak for you, but I’ll be in line.

            September 29th is our Charter Banquet at Willow Lake.  We have only 1 scheduled meeting until then.  To say that we’re gonna be busy is putting it lightly!  To name just a few of the things that will have to be done: 1. Decorate the banquet hall. 2. Make and place direction signs throughout Metter to ensure our visitors are able to locate us. 3.  Decorate the grounds in front of Willow Lake.  All of this will take some effort and it will surely take assistance from everyone.  I’m sure that we can count on everyone to help us make this a success.  This will be a once in a lifetime event for us. The impression we leave with our guests, speaker and other SCV members who visit will last us forever.  Let’s pledge to make this a night to remember.

            In this newsletter is your invitation to the banquet.  Fill it out and mail it back to us as soon as possible. Remember that seating will be somewhat limited and we must get the numbers to the caterer in plenty of time for her to prepare our meals, so check the deadline. 

            Finally, I want to talk about the BBQ one more time.  I want to that Corey for winning the framed and matted print. He sold 32 plates.  I will present the print at the banquet.  Jackie came in 2nd with 21 plates.  I’m sure Commander Kea will be reminded that he owes you a battleflag for you efforts when he reads this.  Joe came in 3rd with 20 plates and will also get something from the camp for his effort.



                                                                        May God Bless and Guide you all,




Treasury Report:  $377.80 forward.  $1185.52 added. On hand balance --  $1663.32 (8-5-2001)


New Members

The following brothers came forward to honor their ancestors at our last meeting:


John T. Olsen, Jr. honoring of Pvt James Edward Chester, Co. H, 28th Ga Vol Inf, AOT

John F. Williams, III honoring of Pvt Micatan Francis Marion Smith, Co. H, 28th Ga Inf AOT

Joseph Donald Parker honoring Pvt John Brown Parker, Co. G, 69th Ga Vol Inf, AOT


Let us welcome you and congratulations on becoming protectors of your ancestor’s heritage.



Adjutant’s Report


The regular monthly meeting of the Dixie Guards was called to order at approximately 7:30 PM on August 2, 2001.  A good number of members had joined us earlier for our 1st meal at our new location The Western Steer.  The invocation was offered by Chaplain Grady Franklin; followed by the Pledge and Salute to our flags led by Color Sgt, Ben Franklin.  We welcomed our guests from The Tattnall Invincibles.

Old Business: 1. The BBQ was discussed and was a success.  At meeting time, the final figures were incomplete, but will be included in the newsletter.  Net profits were estimated to be around $1000 (final figures were higher at $1185.52)  2.  The Adopt-A- Highway program was discussed again and concern was expressed that the State was holding us up.   3.  The future reunion was discussed and it was mentioned that The Ogeechee Rifles were also considering it.  Commander Crooms suggested that all our local camps consider working together on it.  New Business: 1.  The Charter Banquet was briefly discussed.  Sonny Dixon was contacted by phone and wants to speak pending availability due to WTOC commitments.  Commander Crooms passed on that Commander Moncus had offered to be an emergency stand-by.  Seating for the banquet will be limited to the 1st 185 paying tickets. 2. Chaplain Grady has purchased an assortment of merchandise including flags of all types and other various items for our camp store.  He did this out of his own pocket and the camp needs to work towards getting his money back to him as soon as possible.  The merchandise will soon be available on our website to be purchased with credit card or with an order form. 3. The camp now has a P.O. Box and it is P.O. Box 761. 4. Renewals was briefly discussed and tabled, with a renewal deadline to be set at September’s meeting. 5. Pending their acceptance, the camp approved donating a copy of our camp charter and a SCV logo sign for the wall of the Western Steer.  This keeps in line with the other civic clubs that utilizes the restaurant for their meeting place. 6. The Ogeechee Rifles have offered us to join them at the Kiwanis Fair in Statesboro for a Recruitment and Information booth.  Lost and Found: 1 pair of Oakley sunglasses (Check with Tony for details)  Program: Commander Keith Blaxton of The Tattnall Invincibles shared a talk on General Nathan Bedford Forrest.  The Tattnall Invincibles meet the last Monday of each month at the Bellville Depot and Commander Blaxton invited everyone to visit.  The meeting ended with a benediction by brother Grady.



Upcoming Events


September 6 – Regular Monthly Meeting. 7PM Meal 7:30 PM Meeting.  Western Steer

                        Speaker:  Nicky Johnson on Metal Detecting and Artifacts of the WBTS

Septmember 29th – Charter Banquet.  Willow Lake Country Club

October – Kiwanis Ogeechee Fair - Statesboro



Area Camp SCV Meetings & Locations


John C. Carter Camp – Waynesboro 

 Last Monday of each month – 7 PM Meal/7:30 Meeting at Mobley’s Cafeteria

Ogeechee Rifles – Statesboro

3rd Thursday of each month – 7PM at Capt Joe’s

The Tattnall Invincibles – Reidsville

Last Monday of each month – Bellville Depot


Confederate Georgia Series


Major General John B. Gordon



             John Brown Gordon began his Confederate career as an elected Captain of a mountaineer company called the “Raccoon Roughs”.  By the end of the war, Brown had advanced to hold the rank of Major General and  was at the head of a Corps.

          Gordon and his men held the “Sunken Road” area of the Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam) in 1862.  In what became known as the Bloodiest Day in American History, Gordon was so severely wounded that if it had not been for a bullet hole in his hat, he would have drowned in his own blood.

Shortly after the battle, Gordon was promoted to Brigadier General and later was promoted to Major General on May 14, 1864.

          After the war, Gordon returned to Georgia and entered politics.  He was elected to the United States Senate on 3 occasions serving from (1873-1880) and from (1891-1897).  He was elected Governor of Georgia and served from (1886-1890).  A statue of Major General and eventual Governor John B. Gordon is at the State Capital Building in Atlanta.  For more on Gordon and his days in the War Between the States read Reminiscences of the Civil War which he authored himself.