The Dispatch

The Official Publication of the Dixie Guards Camp # 1942

Sons of Confederate Veterans



Volume 1, 7th Edition

October 2001






The Dixie Guards # 1942

Sons of Confederate Veterans

P.O.Box 761

Metter, Georgia 30439









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Commander’s Comments


             Our Charter Banquet celebration is upon us.  I am looking forward to it, as I know you are.  I want to thank each and every one of you for the success that our camp has experienced.  I have received countless emails and some phone calls regarding our camp.  Most of these calls and emails are regarding our camp success.  People ask me what we are doing to be so successful so quickly.  I tell them that there’s no secret.  Our area is full of folks that love their heritage and aren’t ashamed of who they are.  I believe that and I believe it with all my heart.  That is why we are doing so well and I’m proud to say that I’m a part of it.  Your ancestors would be proud of each of you.

            At our last meeting, Commander Moncus passed along information about a 1st ever - National Confederate Memorial Service to be held at Stone Mountain.  We are fortunate that this is in our own backyard.  This will be quite an event.  Think of it!  People coming from all across the country to celebrate and honor their Confederate Ancestry and Heritage.  Mark down April 13, 2002 on your calendar now and make plans to be there.  Remember that this will be a large event, don’t wait to the last minute to plan to make reservations. We will continue to remind everyone about this in the days and months ahead. 

            Let’s talk about renewals just a minute.  Commander Moncus also passed along information that was pretty alarming. Overall, the SCV signed up about 5000 new members from August of 2000 until August of 2001.  That number is good.  The alarming thing is, we lost just about as many as we signed up.  Attrition will take place; there is no doubt about that.  I just wish that if we had to lose members, it would be because they went to be with God and their ancestors.  I think that it is sad that people would go to the trouble to research their heritage and join an organization that is as worthy as ours, just to be AWOL when the time comes to renew the pledge they undertook to preserve the memory of their lineage. Please remember why you joined and the sacrifices that our ancestors freely endured for us.  Surely, you’ll agree that at $31 membership that covers the bare essentials is a small price to pay. 

            We still have members that have illness or injury in their families.  Please continue to keep Brother Cliff Hendrix, Casey and family in your prayers.  Also, Brother Guy passed along at the last meeting that his wife was still improving from her surgery. Please continue to remember our extended families in you prayers. Anytime you become aware of a member or a member’s family that is sick, shut-in or in the hospital, please pass it along. 

            Hopefully, everyone will get this newsletter prior to September 21st.  Remember that is the deadline for ordering your Banquet tickets.  Please make sure that you have sent in your ticket requests by that date.  Call Tony or me if you have any questions regarding this.  We have to let the caterer know the number of people to prepare for, so don’t forget the 21st.  Tell your friends and family, this will be a good recruiting tool and a very enjoyable night for all.  Thanks in advance for all your hard work in making our Banquet a great success.     



                                                                        May God Bless and Guide you all,




 Treasury Report


Subtotal - $1663.32    ***Miscellaneous expenses (postage, etc.) - $67

Dues received in advance of application completion - $31

Balance Forward - $1565.32                          ***Banquet Ticket sales – $465

Total Treasury on Hand - $2030.32


New Members

The following brothers came forward to honor their ancestors at our last meeting:


Joey B. Collins, Jr. – Honoring David H. Holland – Pvt - Co.G, 47th Ga Vol Inf

David C. Robinson – Honoring John Stogner – Pvt - Co I, 2nd Ga State Line

Robert L. West – Honoring – George Washington Hodges – Pvt – Co K, 61st Ga Vol Inf


Let us welcome you and congratulations on becoming protectors of your ancestor’s heritage.


Adjutant’s Report

The regular monthly meeting of the Dixie Guards Camp # 1942 was called to order at 7:30 PM at the Western Steer.  Grady Franklin offered the Invocation.   Ben Franklin led the Pledges and Salute to the flags.  Historian Richard Crotwell read the Charge to the SCV.

Old Business: 1. Membership renewals were discussed.  Aug 1st began the new year for the SCV.  Dues remain $31 and can be paid now.  The Camp set a “reminder deadline” for the 1st meeting of December, with another reminder for January.  International Headquarters will drop those members not renewed prior to February 1st from the rolls.  The camp decided to set these deadlines to avoid this trouble. 2. The Adopt-A-Highway program was discussed.  Herbert gave an update that the State DOT says that everything should be ready soon. 3.  Brother Grady still has “stuff” available from his purchase for the Camp Store.  He has flags, umbrellas, medallions and a variety of other “stuff”.  Commander Crooms emphasized that the camp still owes Grady for this purchase.

New Business: 1. Commander Crooms gave an update on the Banquet.  Since the camp decided to table the discussion on the banquet last month until this meeting, some things had to be finalized.  The caterer is Smith’s Restaurant of Reidsville at a cost of $6 plus tax per plate.  The cost for banquet tickets was set by Commander Crooms at $15 per ticket to cover the caterer, banquet hall, and expenses.  2.  A decoration committee was asked for to help decorate the banquet hall.  Those who volunteered were Richard Crotwell, Grady Franklin, Ben Franklin, Wayne Lesesne, Randy Crooms and Tony Thompson.  We still need help and also need help placing signs throughout Metter giving directions to visitors. 3.  The Camp decided to offer to pay for Commander Church’s hotel room. 4.  The Camp has been invited to participate with the Ogeechee Rifles in an Information Booth at the Ogeechee Fair Oct-8-13 and accepted. 5.  The Camp was asked to Co-Host the 2003 Georgia Division SCV Reunion by the Ogeechee Rifles and accepted.

Program: Commander David Moncus of Camp # 207 shared information from this year’s National SCV Reunion and Convention held in LaFayette, LA.

**Adjutatnt’s Note: At this time, approximately 23-25 of the camp’s 50 members have been accounted for regarding their banquet tickets.  18 have purchased their tickets and tickets for family members. By my estimation we will have additional tickets available.  Remember the September 21st deadline and order any extra tickets that you might need.  Also, pass the word along with your family and friends.  This is a good opportunity for us. If you need additional tickets or ticket information contact Me or Commander Crooms.  



Upcoming Events


September 29th – Charter Banquet.  Willow Lake Country Club

October 8-13 - Kiwanis Ogeechee Fair in Statesboro.  Booth with Ogeechee Rifles

April 13, 2002 – Nationwide Confederate Memorial Service.  Stone Mountain

January 18, 2002 – Ogeechee Rifles Lee/Jackson Banquet in Statesboro – Speaker SCV Chaplain Weaver

January 19, 2002 – John C. Carter Camp Lee/Jackson Banquet in Waynesboro – Speaker Sen. Joey Brush


Area Camp SCV Meetings and Locations

John C. Carter Camp – Waynesboro 

 Last Monday of each month – 6:30 PM Meal/7:00 PM Meeting at Mobley’s Cafeteria

Ogeechee Rifles – Statesboro - 3rd Thursday of each month – 7PM at Capt Joe’s

The Tattnall Invincibles – Reidsville -  Last Monday of each month – Bellville Depot


Confederate Georgia Series


Brigadier General John C. Carter


          Born in Waynesboro, Georgia, John C. Carter rose to the rank of Brigadier General in the Army of Tennessee. After the fall of Atlanta, Army of Tennessee commander General John B. Hood wanted to attempt to draw the Federal Army out of Georgia.  He attempted this by making threats against areas of Tennessee occupied and controlled by the Federals.  The first attempt was at Nashville.  The final attempt would be the ill-fated strike against Franklin, Tennessee.

          Brigadier John C. Carter was among several general officers that were killed or mortally wounded at the Battle of Franklin in Tennessee during 1864. 

          In Georgia, our friends in Waynesboro honored General Carter by naming their SCV camp for him.  The Brigadier General John C. Carter Camp # 207 meets the last Monday of each month at Mobley’s Cafeteria style restaurant. Their meal begins at 6:30 PM with the meeting to follow at 7PM.