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Volume 2, 2nd Edition

May 2002








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Commander's Comments


            April was very good to our Camp.  We were able to convince the Mayor and City Council of Metter to declare April as Confederate History and Heritage Month.  In their declaration, they promised to fly the Real Georgia Flag on Confederate Memorial Day.  I must say that the Metter Advertiser was also very receptive to us as well.  They agreed to run a profile of area soldiers each week of the month.  If you saw the paper, you may have noticed that on a couple of occasions they had to shrink the print size to have enough room for the article to fit.  What does this cooperation mean?  Well, I plan to look on the positive side and claim this means that they at least see us as a hard working group that believes in our mission.  I believe that even if they disagree with us, they still respect us.  At least for now!  I believe we must always work hard, just like we have done.  They'll have to respect us.  Right is on our side.  So is History.  If we are given enough chances, I believe we can show that we don't have to back down or show any shame, because we don't have any shame and we shouldn't have any shame. 

                On a different note, I want to thank everyone for their hard work this month.  We have been trying to get the various reports and other stuff turned into the Division for the end of the year reports.  Tony and Richard have worked very hard on their various assignments.  Nearly no one knows of this work and I think we should express our appreciation.  Our Camp has a very good opportunity to receive several awards at this year's Reunion in Moultrie and the reports they've turned in will put the lines on the highway.  I say painting the lines, because without your hard work, there would have been nothing to report.  You gentlemen paved the way.  I really want to thank Jason for a great program last month.  I also want to really thank Grady for his efforts in getting sponsors for our Newspaper Ad.  Additionally, a great big thank you goes out to all our members who are business owners who made this happen.  We can't thank you enough either.  Without your help, we couldn’t have done it.  I don't want to make a habit of calling on you.  Your membership is greatly appreciated and we should nickel dime and dollar you to death.  Thanks to you all!

                The Division Reunion is just around the corner.  We have 6 Delegates to cast votes on everything from Elections for new Division Officers to several Amendments and even a request for a Dues Increase at the State level.  We need to ensure we have all 6-delegate slots filled.  That will be the only way to make sure that our voice is heard and hopefully our wishes fulfilled.  For example, most of our camp members don't want a dues increase and I agree with them.  To urge our position, we need to have at least 6 there to cast our votes and others to go and help spread the word.  Additionally, we have at least 2 friends of the Camp seeking office in the Division. David Moncus is running for our Brigade Commander.  Rooney Kea is running for Lt. Commander-South.  They need our support.  If you haven't sent in your reservations do it now!  If you need more information on going to the Reunion, get with me. 

                Thanks to everyone who ordered shirts or caps at last month's meeting.  We are hoping that everyone's stuff will be ready by May's meeting.  We need everyone to bring their checkbooks with them in order that we can pay for the order.  Several of you attempted to pay last month, but we just were prepared to take up the money.  We'll be ready in May.  If you weren't at last month's meeting the camp now has shirts, and caps available for purchase/order that is customized with the SCV logo and our camp name. We also can get the Georgia Flag.   We also will be offering this service to other camps and the Georgia Division.   Get with us for your great Camp merchandise.  Grady still has a ton of stuff from the Camp Store that we need to sell.  What about a Georgia Flag or and United States Flag.  He's got plenty and we need to sell them.

                Don’t' forget the Brigade Picnic on Saturday the 27th of April in Mt. Vernon.  It will all begin at 10AM and go on until the last Confederate leaves.  Rooney's famous BBQ is free, so bring the whole family.  Also, don't forget our Memorial Service on Sunday the 28th at 3PM at the Lake Church Cemetery.   

                Finally, at May's meeting we will give away the 2 pictures.  If you still haven't qualified for the Robert E. Lee picture, all you have to do is recruit someone or be a new member recruited by someone.  Each name goes into the drawing and only those names are for this picture.  The other is the raffle for the Grand Review picture; this will be your last chance to purchase a chance to win it.  We will give away both at May's meeting.       So recruit for a chance for Robert E. Lee's picture and spend a $1 for a chance on the other one.  They'd look great on your wall.  Remember or prayer list & those who need our support.


                                                                                                God Bless You and Your Families     ,



Adjutant's Report


Treasury Report: $780  Minutes from last meeting:


Old Business: 1.  The Adopt-A-Highway cleanup day was discussed.  We had 5 members assist.  We will participate once per quarter.  The next one will be announced.  2.  The Bloomin’ Festival Report was given.  We had quite a few folks stop by, but not many people were purchasing anything from anyone.  We brought in a little over $100 for the day. We did raffle off a print.  Scott Carroll won the print.  We did have quite a few people fill out our Let Us Vote petitions and they will be mailed in.


New Business:  1.  The Georgia Division Reunion (Convention) will be June 7,8,9 in Moultrie.  We have 6 delegates and we need members to attend to represent our camp.  Registration packets were passed out.  If you need more information, contact Commander Crooms.  2.. April is Confederate History Month and April 26th is Confederate Memorial Day.  Our Camp is scheduled to participate in the Metter City Council Meeting on Monday, April 8, 2002.  At that meeting we will present City Council with a presentation urging them to declare April Confederate History and Heritage Month and the 26th Confederate Memorial Day.  In our presentation we are seeking to have our Georgia Flag flown on Memorial Day.  We decided to donate the number of flags to fly on all Metter’s flagpoles. 3.  The John C. Carter Camp #207 in Waynesboro will be having their Memorial Service on Sunday the 21st at 4PM.  4.  The South Central Brigade Picnic will be Saturday, April 27th from about 10 AM until everyone leaves.  There will be plenty of fun for the whole family and everyone was urged to attend and bring a friend with them.We will be holding our Memorial Service on Sunday the 28th at 3PM.  The public is invited and we’ve got reenactors coming to help us celebrate.


Program: Compatriot Jason West presented our program on the Battle of 1st Manassas


New Members


Scott Carroll honoring Corporal William B. Carroll - Co. B, 43rd Tennessee Infantry


Camp Calendar


April 26 - Confederate Memorial Day

April 27 - Brigade Picnic - Mt. Vernon - Free to All Members, Families and Guests

April 28 - Confederate Memorial Service - Lake Church Cemetery- 3PM

May 1 - Early Registration Deadline for Georgia Division Reunion

May 2 - Regular Monthly Meeting - Western Steer - 7PM Meal/7:30 Meeting - Bring a Guest

                                                Guest Speaker - Houston  - 5th Georgia Cavalry

June 6 - Regular Monthly Meeting - Western Steer - 7PM Meal/7:30 Meeting - Bring a Guest

                                                Guest Speaker - MOSB Commander Kelly Barrow -

                                                                                Black Confederate Soldiers

June 7-9 - Georgia Division SCV Reunion (Convention) - Moultrie, GA - 6 Delegates needed

                                                For Details see Commander Crooms


Prayer List


Our sympathies go out to Brother Carlton Brown and his family after the loss of his wife.  Continue to remember Brother Carlton in his family in your prayers.


Scott Bragdon was bitten by a rattlesnake and was transported to Savannah to the hospital for treatment.  Please remember Scott and his family in your prayers.

Famous Generals


The Confederate States of America

Major General James Ewell Brown Stuart



            Born in Patrick County, Virginia on February 6, 1833, James Ewell Brown Stuart graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1854. After his graduation, most of his antebellum service was in the 1st US Cavalry on the Kansas Frontier.


            In 1859, Lt. Stuart was the courier who delivered the message to Lt Colonel Robert E. Lee regarding John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry.  He accompanied Lee who took command of a detachment of Marines and stormed the arsenal.


            Upon Virginia’s secession, Stuart resigned his commission and entered Confederate service as Colonel of the 1st Virginia Cavalry.  After the Battle of 1st Manassas (Bull Run), he was promoted to Brigadier General on September 24, 1861.  Before the Seven Days Battles, he became famous for a reconnoiter mission that saw him and his entire cavalry command ride completely around the Federal Army under McClellan.


            Endorsed for his leadership and cavalry skills by James Longstreet, “Jeb” was promoted to Major General and placed in command of the Cavalry Division on July 25, 1862.  He later would make another famous ride around the Federal army.


            During the Battle of Chancellorsville, Stuart took command of Lt General “Stonewall” Jackson’s Corps after Jackson and his senior division commander AP Hill were wounded.  Just after this battle, Stuart was sent out to shield the Army of Northern Virginia from the Federals leading up to the Gettysburg Campaign.  During this mission, he and his troopers got behind Federal advances and had to detour the intended route.  Due to this, Stuart and his cavalry were not available at the beginning of the Battle of Gettysburg and he has unjustly discredited with causing the Confederate defeat.


            After Gettysburg, Stuart continued to give distinguished service to the Confederacy until he was mortally wounded at the Battle of Yellow Tavern on May 11, 1864.  He died the following day in Richmond, Virginia and is buried in Hollywood Cemetery.  His father-in-law was a Brigadier General in the United States Army and his brother-in-law was a Brigadier General in the Confederate Army.