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Volume 2, 3rd Edition

June 2002








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Commander's Comments


            It was great having Compatriot Tommy Houston with us last month. If you missed his program on the 5th Ga Cavalry, you missed a real treat.  We hope to have him back real soon.  This month, we will have the Georgia MOSB Commander Kelly Barrow with us.  Kelly is an expert on Black Confederate Soldiers and has done extensive research on these forgotten defenders of our Confederate Homeland.  In this Politically Correct day and age, it is extremely important for their story to be told.  Make every effort to come and bring a friend, family member or neighbor with you.  This will be great information for you to be able to share with those around you that look at us through blurred vision and preconceived notions.  

            Please don't forget our Division Reunion coming up.  We have 6 delegates but can only cast the number of votes that we have in attendance.  My hope is to have more that 6 go, but we really need at least 6.  I consider the politicking, voting, and arguing that goes with a convention the only downside to participating in the SCV.  But, it's in every organization and it's also a part of it.  No one can agree 100% of the time, so its very important to have your voice heard and counted.  There are several amendments to be considered.  Some minor.  Some major.  The most important is the Headquarters Resolution and the Dues Increase.  Personally, I like the idea behind a Headquarters, but not the way that the committee has suggested.  I realize that purchasing and maintaining an established facility will cost a lot of money.  But, this idea isn't new and they've been working on it for 5 years.  If there was to be a dues increase it should have come in increments over time and not in a big lump like is now being suggested.  Additionally, I don't agree with the voting in a resolution that mandates a $1000 a year payment to the Division that goes towards the new Headquarters.  I hear that the northern part of the state agrees with this plan and the southern portion doesn't.  As far as I am concerned the Division should look to fund raising ideas and not raise dues or "require" a donation of $1000 per year for 2 years.   

                I would much rather see our $2000 go towards a big flag pole on I-16 or towards a Confederate Monument to our Soldiers here at home rather than a antebellum home in Atlanta that our members will seldom if ever go to. Besides, We don't have $2000!! The members in the Atlanta area will probably no doubt use the building often, but realistically not us folks in the Piney Woods.  If the only way to have a headquarters is to complete this plan, then I say that we don't need a headquarters at the risk of losing members to dues that are increased 150% and camps unable or unwilling to pay the newly required $1000 per year.  Nothing has been said as to what will happen to a camp if they can't or won't pay the $1000 fee.  

 I realize that they have worked long and hard in their search for us a nice facility and I appreciate their work, but I think this will cost our organization members and we can't afford that.

Now more than ever, we need all the members we can get. $15 is not really high compared to other organizations state level dues, but it is a 150% increase.  Please plan to go to the Reunion and make your voice heard.  Without 6, our total allotment will not be heard.  There are no Proxy votes, so to be heard we have to be there.

             From now until September, each time you recruit a new member, your name and the new member's name will be entered into a drawing for the winner's choice of a Customized Golf Shirt, Casual Shirt or Denim Shirt with the Camp Name, Number and SCV Logo embroidered on it.  




                                                                                                God Bless You and Your Families     ,                                                                      


Adjutant's Report


Treasury Report: $780 (Merchandise money not included in this total)

Minutes from last meeting:


Old Business: 1. The Georgia Division Reunion (Convention) was again announced for June 7-9 in Moultrie.  We need 6 delegates to attend.  Registration packages were available.  2.  Confederate History Month achievements were discussed: The City Council Resolution.  The Flags flying for Confederate Memorial Day.  The Advertiser printing our Unit Profiles and our full page Ad in the paper.  3.  Our Confederate Memorial Service was Sunday, April 28th with Lt. Commander Emory Fennell of the McLeod-Moring Camp 1386 as speaker.  We had compatriots Tommy Wallace and Commander Keith Blaxton of the Tattnall Invincibles Camp supply the artillery barrage.  The Ogeechee Rifles joined in our celebration.  Commander Crooms expressed that he appreciated all those who attended, but attendance was down from last year.


New Business: 1.  The Camp Treasury and a fundraiser was discussed and tabled for a later meeting.  Commander Crooms suggested we consider doing another Chicken BBQ in the very near future.  2.  Our regular meeting date for July will fall on the 4th, the camp decided instead of having our regular meeting on that date, to have a member/family type gathering sometime during the month.  Commander Crooms said he'd try to get Tommy Wallace to bring his cannon and have some reenactors come to share information on their hobby as entertainment to those who attend.  The camp decided to set a date for the outing at the June meeting. 3.  The Camp Merchandise was discussed.  Updates from previous information were shared.  Commander Crooms considered this new business since the whole program was revamped and updated to show new prices and available items and selections.  Commander Crooms reminded those that placed orders to get their money to Adjutant Thompson as soon as possible.


Program: Compatriot Tommy Houston presented our program on the 5th Georgia Cavalry.


New Members


Michael J. Cliett honoring Sgt Major Oscar A. Cliett - Co. F, 55th Georgia Volunteers

Max L. Anderson honoring Pvt. Benjamin G. Fortner - Co. F, 14th Georgia Volunteers


Camp Calendar


 June 6 - Regular Monthly Meeting - Western Steer - 7PM Meal/7:30 Meeting - Bring a Guest

                Guest Speaker - MOSB Commander Kelly Barrow on Black Confederate Soldiers

June 7-9 - Georgia Division SCV Reunion (Convention) - Moultrie, GA - 6 Delegates needed

                For Details see Commander Crooms

July - Camp Family Picnic - All information on Time, Date, Location and Food to be announced

August 1 - Regular Monthly Meeting - Western Steer - 7PM Meal/7:30 Meeting - Bring a Guest


Recruitment Challenge Raffle


June - September


Each time a Member recruits a new member, both the Member and the New Member will be entered into a drawing for their choice of a Customized Golf Shirt, Casual Shirt, or Denim Shirt with the Camp Name and SCV Logo.   This Raffle is for Recruiting Members and the New Members only!!       Recruit and Win!!!

Famous Generals


The Confederate States of America

Lt General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson


            Thomas Jonathan Jackson was born in Clarksburg, Virginia in an area that would later become West Virginia on January 21, 1824.  He graduated from The United States Military at West Point in 1846, in a class that was to furnish 24 general officers to the Federal and Confederate militaries.


            During the Mexican War, Jackson was brevetted Captain and then Major, but resigned his commission in 1852 to become an instructor at Virginia Military Institute.  Upon Virginia’s secession, he entered Confederate service and was commissioned a Colonel of Virginia Militia in command at Harper’s Ferry.


 He was promoted to Brigadier General on June 17, 1861 and distinguished himself at the Battle of 1st Manassas, where he received his famous sobriquet from Brigadier General Barnard E. Bee of South Carolina with the famous words, “There stands Jackson like a stonewall.  Let’s rally behind the Virginians.”  From that day, Jackson was known as “Stonewall”.


Rapidly becoming a military celebrity, he was promoted to Major General on October 7, 1861.  In November, he and his command were dispatched to the Shenandoah Valley on independent duty.  While there, his command held in check 3 Federal armies different threats against Richmond.


Just prior to the Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam), Jackson was dispatched to take the arsenal at Harper’s Ferry which was then held by the Federals.  After the capture, he and his command marched towards the rest of the Army of Northern Virginia and arrived in time to assist and prevent a possible defeat at Sharpsburg.


After Sharpsburg, Robert E. Lee re-organized the Army of Northern Virginia and Jackson was promoted to Lt General on October 10, 1862 and placed in charge of the 2nd Corps.  He led his troops at the Battle of Fredericksburg in December of 1862.  Jackson’s finest hour was possibly the Confederacy largest setback; after having successfully flanking General Hooker’s Federal forces and soundly defeating them, Jackson was accidentally wounded by his own men while checking forward lines on May 2, 1863.  Later that night, his left arm was amputated due to his wounds.  Jackson developed Pneumonia and died on May 10, 1863.  Lt General Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson is buried in Lexington, Virginia.