The Dispatch

The Official Publication of the Dixie Guards Camp # 1942

Sons of Confederate Veterans



Volume 1, 11th Edition

February 2002






The Dixie Guards # 1942

Sons of Confederate Veterans

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Metter, Georgia 30439









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Commander’s Comments


             As I write this, the State Legislature has yet to convene for this year's session.  But, by the time you get this and read it, everything will be well underway.  I'd like to take a minute to prophesize a little bit on what I am guessing the session will be like.  Keep in mind the date I'm actually writing this is January 8th and the session doesn't begin until the 14th.  Governor Barnes has spent the bulk of 2001 gloating over changing our flag and telling everyone that the SCV doesn't have the clout to do anything to harm him or his fellow thieves in the upcoming election.  Political analysts like Bill Shipp agree with him and Shipp has even stated that the "SCV should get a life!"  These are pretty large words from these folks.  Sadly, in the end, they'll be partially true!  These are my words and not theirs.  First, let's look at the media clowns like Shipp. It is easier and more cost efficient for local newspapers to add a syndicated columnist like Shipp and the others than to go out a fill their papers with local flare.  What does that mean to us?  Unless we complain locally, we'll have to tolerate garbage from the so-called experts like this Shipp guy.  He claims to be an expert and I guess, if I paid the fees for a website and had a few columns published, I could claim to be one too!  Shipp is an expert to those who follow him.  He's as out of touch with most of Georgia as Barnes and mainly tries to convince us of what to believe or how to see things.  He's not worth the space I've given him so far and has no influence on anything.  Like I said, he's just a clown and those who take him seriously, should get a life!

            What about Barnes?  Barnes knows there are only 4000 SCV members in Georgia.  He calculates his words and actions based on what it will cost him.  He doesn't mind claiming that we don't mean anything because he believes that!  He knows that there are more voters in one Atlanta neighborhood that loves his thievery and applauds it than we have across our whole state.  We'll come back to Bum Barnes later.  What about the local co-conspirators?  Well, fortunately for our part of the state we only had one of Barnes' Bums.  He lives over in Reidsville and he doesn't even represent the large majority of our membership, but he does some.  Actually, he does all of us, because we all pay taxes to Georgia, but he doesn't see it that way.  He thinks he only answers to Tattnall, Bulloch, Evans, Jenkins and Screven counties. (Forgive me if I missed part of the 4th district)  What can we do about this little fish?  The same thing we can about the big one?  I don't know about you, but when I go fishin', I go fishin'.  I hope for the big one, but if I only get small ones, that's OK!  Especially, if I get enough little ones for a mess!  Heck, mainly the best part of fishin' is the fishin' anyway.  What does this mean about the smelly-stinking-rotten fish called flag stealers swimming in the waters around Atlanta?  We have to go fishin'.  All of us go after all of them.  We won't get all of them, so that is what makes my statement claiming that "Sadly, they are right" stick out.  Even during the bad drought years and hard fishing pressure, you can always seem to catch a good mess of fish once in a while in your favorite fishin' hole on the river. 

            WE can make a difference!  If we try, we will!  Will the voter initiative get through this session?  NO, I'm sure it won't!  Why?  Because of those numbers I talked about.  Roy and his thugs know how many to worry about.  But, if we keep adding to the fishermen (SCV members and unashamed, educated Southern Georgians) then we'll catch some of the fish.  What can we do to make this little fish story a happy one?  Don't give up.  Don't back down.  Don't stop talkin'.  Don't stop pointing fingers at sell-outs and thieves.  Stand up, be proud, be informed, be dignified, and be wiser and more correct than they are.  Remember it is our duty to preserve our ancestor's heritage for all time.  That's is all that they have asked of us but it is not an easy job.  But, if we're good at it, just like fishin' it can be really fulfilling!  Let's go fishin' for Barnes and Bums.  Come November, they'll see! 



                                                                        May God Bless and Guide you all,


 Treasury Report


 $1458.00   (No new information)


New Members

The following brothers came forward to honor their ancestors at our last meeting:


** January marked the 2nd time that we failed to record any new members **



Let us welcome you and congratulations on becoming protectors of your ancestor’s heritage.


Adjutant’s Report

 The December monthly meeting of the Dixie Guards was called to order at approximately 7:30 PM.  Brother Harvey Lively gave the invocation.  Color Sgt Ben Franklin led the Pledges and Salute to our Flags.  Commander Randy Crooms read the Charge to the SCV.


Old Business:

1. The Adopt-A-Highway program was again discussed and questioned with no information.  Adjutant Thompson knows the District Engineer's secretary and will contact the office for information. 2.  Renewals were again discussed.  Not all members that need to renew have done so.  The Camp’s dues package will be sent to International Headquarters on or before January 19th via overnight mailing.  All dues will have to be paid by the mailing in order to be included.  Anyone dropped from the roles will be assessed a $5 penalty by the SCV for reinstatement.   Anyone who joined prior to August 1st must renew. If you have questions regarding your dues, contact Adjutant Thompson or Commander Crooms? 3. Banquet tapes are still on sale for $5.  See Tony for your copy.  Remember, that we ask that NO copies be made other than those purchased through the camp.  4.  Not everyone has signed the Charter.  Any one who still has not signed it, please contact Commander Crooms as soon as possible.


New Business:

1.  The camp received a request for "Auxiliary membership" from David J. Mikell of LaFayette, Georgia.  David lived in Metter as a boy and is a member of the SCV.  He was accepted by a voice vote for auxiliary membership with the same benefits as an associate or honorary member. 2.  Compatriot Wayne Lesesne won the Lee-Jackson Print drawing to benefit the newsletter fund.  Commander Crooms advised the camp that he would now have quarterly drawings for prints or prizes with the benefits going towards the newsletter.  Next month starts another one with the drawing in March.


Program:  Immediate Past-Commander Mike Mull of The Ogeechee Rifles Camp # 941 gave the program on "Reenacting".





Upcoming Events



January 14, 2002 – Georgia Legislature convenes in Atlanta.

                                Georgia SCV members invited to bring Real Georgia Flags to greet them.

January 18, 2002 – Ogeechee Rifles Lee/Jackson Banquet in Statesboro – Speaker SCV Chaplain Weaver

January 19, 2002 - Annual Robert E. Lee Birthday celebration in Atlanta, Georgia

January 19, 2002 – John C. Carter Camp Lee/Jackson Banquet in Waynesboro – Speaker Sen. Joey Brush

April 13, 2002 – Nationwide Confederate Memorial Service.  Stone Mountain, GA


Confederate Georgia Series