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Volume 1, 11th Edition

February 2002





The Dixie Guards # 1942

Sons of Confederate Veterans

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Commander’s Comments


              Let me begin by saying that I'm writing this the day after the legislative session convened.  The way things happen in Atlanta, some of my comments may be things that have come and gone.  Old news, come and gone!  I'll give it a try anyway. Who knows, maybe I'll be right with these prophetic statements. First, this past Saturday (January 12th) at the Egg N Issues over in Statesboro, Senator Jack Hill, Representatives Craig Lanier and Bob Lane were on hand to discuss the issues facing the upcoming session.  If you noticed, they each tried there best to dance around the Flag questions. They had no stance at all.  Not surprising, since they don't want to be a part of any controversy and surely not the flag issue.

                Now on to Monday (Jan. 14th).  As you'll remember the SCV and other Heritage Groups had all agreed to unify and stand together to "Welcome the Governor and the Legislators" back to Atlanta with our support for the Real Georgia Flag from 9AM-11AM.  What I found really absurd was the fact that the Atlanta Journal had already published an article on their website by 10:30 claiming that "A small band of protestors" greeted them.  Why is that absurd? How would the Journal have covered the event, written and edited an article and already had it published on the webpage just 1 1/2 hours after the event began and before it was even completed.  Absurd!  Negligent journalism at its highest level!  From what I have been told today (Tuesday, January 15th) is that the number of people there was quite large. Georgians greeted the Legislature back flying our Beloved, Real Georgia Flag.  At this point, I don't have the numbers, but I'm kinda leaning towards the “large number” over the "small band".     .

                After the flag change last year, Jack Hill came to Statesboro to face everyone regarding his vote to change the flag.  At that meeting he promised to submit the Voter Initiative Amendment during this current session.  Since yesterday (Monday, January 14th) was his 1st day back to work, I decided to remind him of his promise.  This morning, (Tuesday the 15th) he replied thanking me for my reminder and renewed his promise.  If he is sincere, that is good.  It is probably the only way the he can get forgiveness from us for the wrong he has done.  Is he sincere?  I don't know, but if he is, we'll soon know!  If he isn't we'll soon know!    This brings me to the meat of my commentary.  Each and every Elected Official at the State level is up for election this year.  All of our State Leadership and those who would like to be will be hitting the campaign trail very soon.  Forecasters are already claiming that the legislature is hoping for a quiet session except for blame and name calling from Republicans and Democrats.  That's normal.  The one thing that both the Democrats and Republicans certainly have in common right now is this: They don't want to talk about the Georgia Flag!  They are all running from the issue.  Why?   They are scared of controversy and losing a single vote.  What must be done about their "Non-Stance"?  We must force them to talk about it!  We have got to call them, email them, write them, ask them at church, ask them at the mall, and ask them everywhere.  What do we ask them?  What's your stance on the Georgia Flag?  Will you help me get to vote on the Flag?  We have to force them to take some sort of stance or platform.  Otherwise, they'll dance around it all year and nothing will get done.  We most likely won't see any action on it this session.  Even if Jack Hill is sincere, he'll get "hushed up" really quickly or won't get support from Democrats or Republicans. 

                In the Bible, Jesus said that you needed to be Hot or Cold, not lukewarm.  Right now, they're all fence walkers and don't won't any part of our Flag or us.  We must make them say one way or the other.  Then, of course they will have expressed their view and we'll know in what regard to hold them in November.  Without a stance, they take one.  They are cowards!  I'd rather know them to be an enemy!

                I urge you to join me in the high-moral stand for our flag and our heritage.  The NAACP has already claimed in their latest convention that they won't stop harassing Mississippi and South Carolina.  They'll never stop anywhere until they've removed anything Confederate from view and made all things Southern illegal.  Robert E. Lee's character has never been challenged by anyone, because of the manner that he lived his life.  If we follow his example, we can show the radicals, the media, the detractors and the politicians to be the evil sinners for their non-tolerance of us.  If we don't take the high-moral road that is less traveled, we'll forever be seen as rednecks and bigots.  You and I know the truth.  Lee did!  We do!  Truth is on our side and it will rise to the top, if we'll do our Duty as Lee and our forefathers asked us to do.

                Contact your respective legislative officials constantly asking them for their support and expect them to provide it.  Tell them that anything less is unacceptable and will be considered in November.


                                                                        May God Bless and Guide you all, 


 Treasury Report




New Members



** January marked the 2nd time that we failed to record any new members **




Adjutant’s Report

 The December monthly meeting of the Dixie Guards was called to order at approximately 7:30 PM.  Brother Harvey Lively gave the invocation.  Color Sgt Ben Franklin led the Pledges and Salute to our Flags.  Commander Randy Crooms read the Charge to the SCV.


Old Business:

1. The Adopt-A-Highway program was again discussed and questioned with no information.  Adjutant Thompson knows the District Engineer's secretary and will contact the office for information. 2.  Renewals were again discussed.  Not all members that need to renew have done so.  The Camp’s dues package will be sent to International Headquarters on or before January 19th via overnight mailing.  All dues will have to be paid by the mailing in order to be included.  Anyone dropped from the roles will be assessed a $5 penalty by the SCV for reinstatement.   Anyone who joined prior to August 1st must renew. If you have questions regarding your dues, contact Adjutant Thompson or Commander Crooms? 3. Banquet tapes are still on sale for $5.  See Tony for your copy.  Remember, that we ask that NO copies be made other than those purchased through the camp.  4.  Not everyone has signed the Charter.  Any one who still has not signed it, please contact Commander Crooms as soon as possible.


New Business:

1.  The camp received a request for "Auxiliary membership" from David J. Mikell of LaFayette, Georgia.  David lived in Metter as a boy and is a member of the SCV.  He was accepted by a voice vote for auxiliary membership with the same benefits as an associate or honorary member. 2.  Compatriot Wayne Lesesne won the Lee-Jackson Print drawing to benefit the newsletter fund.  Commander Crooms advised the camp that he would now have quarterly drawings for prints or prizes with the benefits going towards the newsletter.  Next month starts another one with the drawing in March.


Program:  Immediate Past-Commander Mike Mull of The Ogeechee Rifles Camp # 941 gave the program on "Reenacting".





Upcoming Events



January 14, 2002 – Georgia Legislature convenes in Atlanta.

                                Georgia SCV members invited to bring Real Georgia Flags to greet them.

January 18, 2002 – Ogeechee Rifles Lee/Jackson Banquet in Statesboro – Speaker SCV Chaplain Weaver

January 19, 2002 - Annual Robert E. Lee Birthday celebration in Atlanta, Georgia

January 19, 2002 – John C. Carter Camp Lee/Jackson Banquet in Waynesboro – Speaker Sen. Joey Brush

April 13, 2002 – Nationwide Confederate Memorial Service.  Stone Mountain, GA


Flags of the Confederacy Series


Lee's Headquarters Flag


          At the Battle of Seven Pines, Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston was severely wounded.  He was replaced by Presidential Staff Officer, General Robert E. Lee.  Thus far, General Lee had only been assigned to marginal field commands that had not been very successful.  The seasoned Confederate Army was reluctant of their new commander and even nicknamed him the "King of Spades" and "Old Granny".  This would soon change and General Lee along with his newly named Army of Northern Virginia would become world famous.  Even in modern times, Lee's Army of Northern Virginia is considered the most successful American army ever assembled for battle (according to statistics of men deployed/victories obtained).

            Later in the war, General Lee became a revered man and was most likely the most popular American in his day.  People of the North and South would stand by the roadways and wait to catch a glimpse of him when they heard he was near.  Often times, people would ask him for his autograph.  He was an extremely humble man that could not understand why he was so loved in the South and respected in the North.  In fact, his autograph became more famous and valuable in the North than even President Lincoln's did.       

            The flag that General Lee chose for his headquarters was a unique design of the 1st National Flag of the Confederacy.  The original 1st National Flag had 7 stars representing the first seceding states.  As states seceded and joined the Confederacy, a star would be added.  The 2nd National Flag replaced the flag early in 1863, but many variations of the 1st National Flag remained and were used.  General Lee's HQ flag was one of these variations.  The flag had 13 stars that were set in a design shaped sort of like a tent dome. 



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General Robert E. Lee


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To contact your

Georgia Elected Officials


Representative Craig W. Lanier           Representative Bob Lane

404-656-0202                                     404-656-6831

912-685-4491                                     912-764-6813

507 Legislative Office Bldg.                220 State Capitol

Atlanta, GA 30334                              Atlanta, GA  30334                                     


Representative Butch Parrish               Senator Hugh M. Gillis

404-   656-5096                                  404-656-5080

478-   237-7032                                  478-529-3212       

218 State Capitol                                420-A State Capitol

Atlanta, GA  30334                             Atlanta, GA 30334



Senator Jack Hill                                 Senator Don Cheeks

404-656-5038                                     404-656-0045

912-557-4802                                     706-736-1397

421-D State Capitol                            121-D State Capitol

Atlanta, GA 30334                              Atlanta, GA 30334


Representative Greg Morris                Senator Tommie Williams

404-656-0254                                     404-656-0089

912-537-2880                                     912-526-7444

601 Legislative Office Bldg                 304-B Legislative Office Bldg

Atlanta, GA 30334                              Atlanta, GA 30334




Representative Terry Barnard              **These are State Officials from our

404-656-0177                                     area.  Contact them!  The more the

912-654-1048                                     better!  All legislators and their

501 Legislative Office Bldg                 contact information can be found

Atlanta, GA 30334                              on the State of Georgia Website.