The Dispatch

The Official Publication of the Dixie Guards Camp # 1942

Sons of Confederate Veterans



Volume 2, 1st Edition

April 2002




The Dixie Guards # 1942

Sons of Confederate Veterans

P.O.Box 761

Metter, Georgia 30439








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Commander’s Comments


                April is here!  It's Confederate History and Heritage Month.  Specifically, Friday, April 26, 2002 is Confederate Memorial Day.  April is probably the most important month to a SCV camp.  Our Confederate Forefathers asked us, they petitioned us to preserve their place in history for all time.  We accepted that challenge when we became members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  The governing body of our organization and our founders realized how important this month is and was to our ancestry.  The International Organization, in acknowledgement of the "Charge to the SCV" requests that all camps celebrate a Memorial Service annually.  In Georgia, most all camps due this during our Confederate History Month.  Last year, we were a brand new camp and joined in with the Ogeechee Rifles in celebrating Confederate Memorial Day.  This year, we will host our 1st Confederate Memorial Service.

            We will be celebrating our Confederate Heroes Sacrifices on Sunday, April 28th at 3PM.  The service will be at the Lake Cemetery.  It is my hope and prayer that all of our members take this service as seriously as their ancestors took their service to the Confederacy. Gentlemen, this is our most important gathering of the year.  All American Celebrations and Services that memorialize the service of soldiers can be traced back to Southern Ladies that gathered together to commemorate our fallen loved ones.  Georgia Ladies who loved the South and its defenders celebrated the first Soldier's Memorial Service in America. 

            As we gather together for this sacred event, please make every effort to attend, bring your family and invite your friends and neighbors.  We have invited some area reenactors to help us and there might even be some ladies dressed in period clothing as well.  This will be an event for the whole family and again, if you can’t make anything else that our camp does for the rest of the year, please make a special effort to attend.

            On Saturday, April 27th, our Brigade Picnic will be held in Mt. Vernon.  It will be right there on Main Street and you can't miss it!  Commander Rooney Kea will be hosting a great show!  Our Brigade is the largest in the whole Division and there will be camps from all over our area and actually farther out than many realize.  Our Brigade stretches from Augusta down to Rochelle, from Statesboro over to Dublin.  If you go you're sure to enjoy it and the whole family is invited and urged to attend.  There will be horseshoe games, musket firing, cannon firing, hatchet tosses, good Southern music, and of course, dinner on the ground.  Most likely, Rooney's famous BBQ.  All free to members, family and friends.  Take your neighbor with you, both of you will be glad you did.

            Don't forget the 1st Nationwide Confederate Memorial Service to be held on Saturday, April 13th at Stone Mtn.  The world will be looking and this event will surely get press coverage.  This is a great opportunity for us to shine for the world.  As our brothers from across the nation converge on us, let us take the lead and ensure that there are plenty of Georgians there. 

            Finally, the Georgia Division Reunion is quickly approaching.  Last year, we had 3 delegates; this year we'll certainly have more than 3. The most important thing for us to remember is that this year is an election year at the Division Level.  Also, there will be very likely some Amendments Proposals.  I've already heard that a dues increase will be a topic for a potential vote.  I understand some of the reasoning behind a dues increase, but I think that the money can be raised by other methods.  I don't agree with a dues increase if the organization can make money other ways.  Our camp has proven that.  Remember that we don't charge local dues when you join.  We have made money without it.  It just takes work.  The Division should use us as an example.  We're brand new and though we're not rich, we've made money for our camp.  A little hard work is all it takes.  Raising dues is like raising taxes and I'm against it.


                                                                        May God Bless and Guide you all, 



New Members


Jason Keller Nobles honoring Pvt. Jesse Jasper Strickland, Co.B, 20th Ga. Cavalry

Mike McLendon honoring Pvt. William Jasper Brown, Co. D, 22nd Ga Artillery Battalion

Herman E. Strange, Jr. honoring Pvt. David H. Holland, Co. G, 47th Ga Regt Volunteers

Jesse Carlton Clifton honoring Pvt. Thomas H. Womack, Co. D, 26th Ga Regt, ANV


Adjutant’s Report


 The March monthly meeting of the Dixie Guards was called to order at approximately 7:30 PM.  Brother Grady Franklin gave the invocation.  Color Sgt Ben Franklin led the Pledges and Salute to our Flags.  Historian Richard Crotwell read the Charge to the SCV


Treasury Report:  $1070


Old Business:  1.  Minutes/Treasury report was accepted from Newsletter. 2.  Highway Cleanup Day was announced for Saturday, March 23 at 10AM.  This coincides with the annual citywide cleanup in preparation for the Bloomin’ Festival. 3.  The Bloomin’ Festival booth will be in the downtown park on Saturday, March 30th from 7AM until.  We will be selling camp merchandise, sharing recruitment information, hosting a portrait raffle and a voter registration.  All members were urged to attend and help throughout the day.



New Business:  1.  An announcement list was shared with the camp. Commander Crooms said he hoped that this list could help spread information and also speed up meetings.  Everyone was urged to share information with the camp to be included on the list.  The hope is to have and agenda for each meeting and update the Announcement List as necessary.  2. Our Confederate Memorial Service will be April 28, 2002 at the Lake Church Cemetery.  The time will be 3PM.  We are inviting the 32nd Georgia reenactment group to participate and hope to have soldiers, civilians, and ladies in period dress.  Everyone was urged to attend and bring their whole families.  The public is invited to attend.



Program:   James Van Eldik author of From the Flame of Battle to the Fiery Cross shared a program about his book.  He spoke about some of the characters in his book and about the 3rd Tennessee Volunteers.  Afterwards, he answered questions about the book and about getting a book published.






April's  Events        


April 4, 2002 - Regular Meeting. Program: Compatriot Jason West


April 13, 2002 – Nationwide Confederate Memorial Service.

                                          Stone Mountain, GA

April 21, 2002 - B/G John C. Carter Confederate Memorial Service, Waynesboro

April 26, 2002 - Confederate Memorial Day

April 27, 2002 - Brigade Picnic

April 28, 2002 - Confederate Memorial Service. Lake Church Cemetery





Flags of the Confederacy Series

The 1st National Flag


When the Southern States seceded from the Union each used its own flag in the place of the Stars and Stripes.  In March of 1861, the Seceded States organized the Confederate States of America.


            On March 4, 1861, the same day that Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated, the Confederate Congress adopted the 1st National Flag of the Confederate States of America.  They retained the blue canton of the United States Flag and used stars to represent the States.  They replaced the 13 stripes of alternate red and white with 3 of the same colors.  These they called “Bars”, which gave rise to the popular name “Stars and Bars”.


            Though the newly formed Confederate States hoped for a peaceful separation, they prepared for the war that believed would come.  They fully understood that Lincoln and his government would not allow them to leave without a struggle. 


            In Charleston, South Carolina called for the Commander of Fort Sumter to turn over the garrison to the state and vacate the property.  Lincoln ordered him to stay and planned to bring on the war by pretending to bring supplies to the fort via US warships.  The Confederates finally demanded the surrender of the garrison or face bombardment.  When the warships entered the harbor, the Confederates felt compelled to shell the fort.  Lincoln had gotten his war.  After the bombardment and surrender, the Confederates raised the 1st National Flag over Fort Sumter.           




Membership Drive Contest

Don't Forget!!

When you sign up and new member

You and The New Member

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For a beautifully framed print


General Robert E. Lee  

***Drawing will be held at May's monthly meeting***



Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans

105th Reunion

June 7-9, 2002

Moultrie, Georgia 


Hotel Information


Holiday Inn Express                          Hampton Inn                                   The Days Inn

        (US 319)                               “Official Host Hotel                           (Across from Shoney’s)               

        1-229-890-8652                                                1-229-616-7777                                                  1-800-329-7466  

      1300 East Bypass                                      441 East Bypass (US 319)                                         1708 1st Ave. S.E.

     Moultrie, GA 31768                                          Moultrie, GA 31768                                           Moultrie, GA 31768

$55 plus tax  (1-4 persons)                             $69 plus tax for all rooms                                   $40.50 plus tax (1 bed)

                                                                           $129 plus tax for suites                                     $44.10 plus tax (2 beds)



The Inn of Moultrie                                       Barber/Tucker Crawford Bed & Breakfast

    (Adjacent to Shoney’s)                                             


      1713 1st Ave. S.E.                                                                                             704 3rd St. S. W.

    Moultrie, GA 31768                                                                                           Moultrie, GA 31768

  $34.95 plus tax (1 Bed)                                                                                         

  $37.99 plus tax (2 Beds)                                                                                       $85-$125 plus tax

  $39.00 plus tax (King)


** See Commander Crooms for Registration Forms **

Early Registration Deadline: May 1st


*** We will have at least 6 Votes ***

**If you’d like to be a Delegate Contact Commander Crooms for Details**

To contact your

Georgia Elected Officials


Representative Craig W. Lanier           Representative Bob Lane

404-656-0202                                     404-656-6831

912-685-4491                                     912-764-6813

507 Legislative Office Bldg.                220 State Capitol

Atlanta, GA 30334                              Atlanta, GA  30334                                     


Representative Butch Parrish               Senator Hugh M. Gillis

404-   656-5096                                  404-656-5080

478-   237-7032                                  478-529-3212       

218 State Capitol                                420-A State Capitol

Atlanta, GA  30334                             Atlanta, GA 30334



Senator Jack Hill                                 Senator Don Cheeks

404-656-5038                                     404-656-0045

912-557-4802                                     706-736-1397

421-D State Capitol                            121-D State Capitol

Atlanta, GA 30334                              Atlanta, GA 30334


Representative Greg Morris                Senator Tommie Williams

404-656-0254                                     404-656-0089

912-537-2880                                     912-526-7444

601 Legislative Office Bldg                 304-B Legislative Office Bldg

Atlanta, GA 30334                              Atlanta, GA 30334




Representative Terry Barnard              **These are State Officials from our

404-656-0177                                     area.  Contact them!  The more the

912-654-1048                                     better!  All legislators and their

501 Legislative Office Bldg                 contact information can be found

Atlanta, GA 30334                              on the State of Georgia Website.