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Dixie Guards Camp #1942 Garners 2 Awards
5 Members attend Georgia Division Reunion, 3 Votes Awarded         
Metter's Dixie Guards camp was awarded 3 voting delegate positions for the 104th annual Georgia Division Reunion held 8-10 June 2001 at Dalton,Ga.
Voting for the camp were delegates Cliff Hendrix(Lt. Commander), Grady Franklin (Chaplain) and member Ronnie Flynt.
Also attending were member Joe Kilgo and Commander Randy Crooms.

The camp was delighted to learn that the Dixie Guards earned 2 awards at the Reunion. South Central Brigade Commander Rooney Kea presented the Dixie Guards an "Award of Appreciation" .Georgia Division Commander Alan Trapp also gave the camp an "Award of Appreciation. Both awards were accepted on behalf of the camp by Commander Randy Crooms.
Commander Crooms gave credit to the camp membership and officers for the outstanding efforts in building a new camp.
Unofficial reports indicate the Dixie Guards Camp is among the fastest growing camps in the great state of Georgia and also amongst all the states of the former Confederacy.
The Reunion was held at the North Ga. Trade and Convention Center in Dalton, Ga. Friday's events included a barbeque supper held at the site of the Battle of Tunnel HIl. Saturday morning featured a business meeting and Saturday evening the Division was addressed by keynote speaker U. S Representive Bob Barr.
Joe, Grady, Ronnie, Randy and Cliff
at the meeting.
Ronnie Flynt shaking hands with U.S.
Representative Bob Barr.
Randy, Joe, Ronnie, Grady, Cliff and Mrs.Hendrix
attend the banquet supper.
A Big Rebel Yell goes out to all the delegates and family who attended and represented us so well!
Hats off to the entire camp for winning two awards in just our first year of existence!
Congratulations also to our rebel brothers of the Ogeechee Rifles camp who also took  home two awards for excellence!